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Faster customer redressal with Interactive Voice Response service
Interactive Voice Response service is a simple telephonic facility that enables identification, segmentation and routing of incoming calls to designated departments or the right agents.
The service is equipped with clear instructions and messages so that an IVR system can greatly reduce call center costs and improve efficiency in any company.
Why should you choose our service?

Our service is able to manage high volumes of calls, is cost effective, can automate outbound call campaigns, prioritizes and routes calls fast and can even serve callers after business hours. The tool greets callers and directs them with clear instructions to route their calls to the right agent promptly.

Features of Virtual Mobile Number Service

Acknowledgement SMS notification:

We let your callers know that you’ve got their call with a SMS of acknowledgement for smooth operations. We offer easy polling, surveys, call back request generation etc. with automated notification system.

CDR Log can track your business calls:

In this way you’re able to know which calls need to be redialed and can provide better customer satisfaction. We help you to keep track of your agent’s performance through this transparent tracking method.

Remote diagnostics and support:

We provide anytime, anywhere trouble shooting of your technical problems. Zero down time with
24*7 had maintenance

Route calls to priority agent:

We provide easy routing of your call to the agent requested for fast redressal of problems. It increases client retention by promoting a sense of relationship amongst their priority service agent and prompt action.

IVR Designer allows use of extensions:

You can transfer calls to an extension or a department or group. You can use VOIP extensions or physical extensions.

No hardware purchase:

We let you to set up your automated IVR system almost overnight as we eliminated all the hassles of installation, maintenance and operation with our hosted service. Get convenient features like automated attendant, auto hold and redial, directory and more by us.

Benefits of Hosted Virtual Phone Number Solution

  • Our pay-as-you-grow allows you to start with 2 ports and scale up to 480 ports as your business grows
  • Our hosted Virtual Number is a cloud based service with no hardware purchase
  • Our CDR Log service can track your attended or unattended business calls
    IVR Designer allow you to route your calls according to your business need
  • We have service for Remote diagnostics and support
    Port setting can be changed on the fly
  • Our Hosted Virtual Number helps you increase your profitability and expanding business
  • 24*7 Connectivity.
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