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Convert you website visitors to customers with Request to Call service

This is an automated telephony service we provide for visitors. In a company’s website, click on a designated call to action like a Request to Call button/widget to apply for a callback from the company’s agents. This is the most effective, smartest and easiest call to action that website owners can put on their site for generating maximum leads.

Web designers and developers may have put in lot of efforts to create a website that is perfect is stating and advertising their business and services. But the main goal remains to get website visitors to be converted into customers. Request to Call solution makes the first step to take the virtual connections into the real world and increases the chances of sale by several manifolds very well.

Features of Request a Service

Increase Online Sales:

We provide Visible call to action which lets customers act on impulse. Thereby increasing online sales by several folds as a Request a call feature is the most visible CTA.

Real-time solution:

We provide real time reports on the panel of your Request a call feature. This is the fastest mode of communication for your website visitors to reach you.

Provides Request a Call widget on a website:

In this service the call request goes to specialized agents. The most skilled personnel at your disposal get the alert and are on the job on this way!

Request a Call-is a bridge between website visitors and a company agent:

Don’t let your website visitors to contact you by filling up a contact form or ticket as they can reach you instantly. Our Request a Call system allows better conversion of website visitors into warm prospects. Request a Call is a pay as you go service with zero setup fees. So, you can keep track of your expenses and convert your website into the sales generator it is meant to be.

Requested Call is totally free of cost to your potential customers:

The call they request back from you sales department is free for the receiver. This increases your chances of closing a deal as they are more patient and engaged to listen to a long pitch.

Numbers registered with NDNC* are not dialed:

You offer a transparent white hat operation without falling in trouble with the law. No chance of serious complaints for promoting your business through calls.

Advantages of Request to Call service from SKR

  • Faster conversion of visitors to website/app to warm leads by allowing a bridge of direct human connection
  • The best tool for increasing online sales as your skilled sales agents are put on the job to make pitches and follow-ups
  • 24*7 connectivity, just like your website/app the Request to Call feature is live round the clock so you never miss any potential leads
  • Increases customer satisfaction with an easy free feature by adding a visible CTA wherein the requested call is made on the company’s part and is free for the receiver
  • Detailed reports of call histories, real-time calls, call records and more.
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