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Broadcast your new promotions through Enterprise Messaging
We help you to send over semantically precise messages to a large number of devices with just one click. It is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods for promotions these days that is known to generate maximum ROI and leads.

Bulk SMS goes right to the target

Unlike other promotional channels, our Bulk SMS service does not keep you guessing whether your business message reached to the audience or not. Our service also functions on permission system, such as if a person is receiving your messages then they may have asked to be notified by you and are open to receiving promotional messages.

Features of Bulk SMS Service

Get 98% open rate!

We have the only promotional activity that promises direct message delivery to your clients’ inbox! There is no intrusion in daily lives of people, but your business messages are read by majority of your target group!

Short and Precise business message

We make your promotional message as concise as possible to let your user be clear on the prospect. These offer high conversion rates as they are to the point without any fuzzy words and deliver the precise message.

Instant opt-in and opt-out for users:

We have services that let your clients choose to opt in and opt out at any given point of time to preserve their privacy. With instant opt in and opt out service you can provide them an image of a responsible corporate entity which condones a trustworthy image among the masses.

Easy to use platform:

We have a very user friendly messaging platform with easy list integration. You can also customize the lists of from your database of clients and send over specified messages based on segmented targeting.

Get Real time statistics, tracking & reports of promotions

With our advanced SMS tracking system outcome of your efforts is seen instantaneously in real time. The system tracks open rate, bounce back of SMS and helps you refine your database for precise marketing.

Bulk SMS comes with Limitless market potential:

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days and they receive and read SMS messages on a regular basis. The mobile industry is projected to grow by manifolds in the upcoming years and the SMS reach will also increase with the same.

Bulk Messages Use Cases

Promotional SMS Service

Promotional SMS are sent with the objective of promoting your product and service. These are basically used for Advertisements, Marketing, to target your sales, offers, coupons etc. Promotional SMS can be sent only on NON-DND numbers from 9AM to 9PM.

Transactional SMS Solution

Transactional text messages are also known as informative SMS. These messages are generally meant for sending important information such as alerts, notification, and information to the registered customers.

Advantage of Bulk SMS Messaging

  • Instant deliverance
  • Easy to use message sending platform
  • 98% open rate
  • Very high conversion rate
  • Short messages (convey important information)
  • Scalable in terms of market potential
  • Real time statistics, tracking & reporting>
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